MICGEEK Official Statement: MICGEEK DSP- Q9s Bluetooth Microphone Q9s released

In order to meet the demands of the market, based on the original Q9 , and continuous research and development breakthrough, Q9s released officially!

The newest Q9s, in addition to inheriting the original Q9 excellent features, but also focused on breaking the two features:

1. Sound digital model treatment: Q9s digital signal processing is used in DSP, digital input can better input signal, the sound more clear and realistic!

2. Add a key silencer function: Q9s increase the “one button mute” button, is also open key, press the open key, you can freely switch between “original” and “accompaniment”, without downloading accompaniment, a button to get! It is really moving KTV, a microphone is a KTV rooms, so you sing for anytime and anywhere!


Q9S total 01

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