Warrenty:About the fake MICGEEK products

Recently, we received many customers message about got the fake MICGEEK, ask for warranty or replacement.
Thanks for your support for MICGEEK, and sorry for the problem you met.
For your benefit, please notice:
1. According to the company policy, we just offer the after-sale service purchasing from our company.
Please offer your order number or the salesman name you purchased, we will notice the related staff contact you ASAP;
2.If you purchased from other company, suggest:
a.Verify the product first (http://www.micgeek.com/verify/en/) at the unique MICGEEK verify center, just the original MICGEEK has the warranty service;
b.Contact the seller directly,according to the cooperation agreement, the legal distributor was obliged to help you resolve the issue.

There are many cases of battery explosion, Especially in Vietnam and India, for you and your family, choose the original, certified battery and main material;
If you got the fake, you can do that:
a.contact with the seller, ask for full refund;
b.report to the related store manager or online shop, withdraw the fake;
c.we will publish the fake seller on our official Copycat.

Avoid purchased the fake, you can contact with our official staff, we will recommand the legal distributor and online store.

Anything we can do, just contact.
MICGEEK Official
Contact: Marketing@micgeek.com


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